Kirsty Morris Selley

Kirsty Morris plays Celtic harp, keyboards and bodhran with Cantlos, and also regularly performs solo at public and corporate functions including the Royal Albert Hall. She is MD of Keylicious Ltd, a sought-after music school in Buckinghamshire, and her singing and piano students go on to gain top-level qualifications, university placements and choral scholarships at leading Public and Cathedral Schools.  As an experienced singing teacher and conductor, her choirs have performed on Sky TV and at sports stadiums, and her choral arrangements have aired on BBC radio. Kirsty is also Head of Singing for the Spotlight Musical Theatre School. Although she teaches all singing styles, including classical, musicals, jazz and pop/rock, her family roots in the Shetlands and Ireland have always drawn her back to the traditional songs of the Celtic cultures.

James McCafferty

James McCafferty accompanies his and Kirsty’s singing on guitar, cittern, dulcimer and melodeon. He first picked up a guitar in his teens and discovered a lifelong passion for the traditional folk music of the British Isles and Ireland, teaching himself to play the recorder and slowly building up a collection of reconstructed early instruments from the Medieval and Tudor periods, including cittern, dulcimer, crumhorn, cornamuse and psalteries. He founded the unaccompanied folk song group Solstice and the early music group Milady Clare’s Musicke, with whom he recorded the albums Minstrels Gallerie and Pastymes. He danced with Winchester’s international folk dance display team Woodfidley, played melodeon for King John’s Morris of Southampton and founded the boys’ morris dance team the Fryern Morris Minors.  Under the banner of Early Music in Schools, he continues to take his demonstrations of early musical instruments to schools and community groups.  He is the author of Live Recorder 1 – 3, a series of three workbooks and CDs designed to teach basic musical literacy to complete beginners.
Entertainers Worldwide Registered Acoustic Guitarist / Vocalist