Charities music 1Because this is how we earn our living, Cantlos is unable to take unpaid engagements.

However, we recognise that smaller charities often operate on very slender margins, yet would like to take advantage of the fundraising potential of a well-attended concert of much-loved traditional songs.

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For that reason, we’ve found that our simple profit-sharing arrangement is a very attractive option for charities wishing to raise funds with zero risk.  It works like this.  We provide an evening and/or afternoon concert of approximately two hours.  Your charity advertises the concert through its newsletter and local outlets, sells the tickets and provides refreshments for the interval.  Your charity retains ALL the profits from refreshment sales and divides the net profit from ticket sales between the charity’s funds and Cantlos on a 50/50 basis – we just discuss with you a minimum ticket sales threshold.

We’d be delighted to discuss with you how we can help make your fundraising event both memorable and profitable.

Just contact Cantlos on 07974 949996 or email

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